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Being a Registered Shopper and a Promoter with BCM  comes with a whole lot of benefits.

You Shop at up to 30% discounted rate and also get paid when people shop after you.

It gets  even better as those who shop after you begin to earn. The company pays you a percentage of their earnings weekly as well.


Associate Shopper- 20,000  (24 points,Limited benefits)

Basic Shopper -50,000 (60 points )

Executive  Shopper- 100,000 (120 points)

Super Shopper - 150,000 (180 points)

Premium Shopper - 200,000  (240 points)


Average Compressed Earnings (could be more or less; determined by team effort and product points)

Associate shopper- 5,000 to 7,000, 000

Basic Shopper - 27,000 - 8,000,000

Executive  Shopper - 76,000 to 17,000

Super Shopper - 100,000 to 23,000,000

Premium Shopper - 150,000 to 34,000



This is calculated by points accumulated.Each point is equivalent to $1;

100% point Bonus: earned to infinity for calculation of promos, ranks and awards.

4% purchase bonus paid on every single entry to 12th generation.

  Personal Point Bonus20% of points in products. This is earned for everyone you directly refer to buy from BCM.

23 % Start Up Bonus Earned on your first unilevel members; Regardless of referrer. It is 23% of their entry points in cash.

6%  Team performance bonus (Basic Shopper above) Paid from team members weekly cash purchase bonus.

 Leadership Bonus: This is a reward for team building and can only be accessed from Executive Shopper and above. It is 5 to 10% of your group team performance earnings.

Executive shopper - 1st generation- 10% 

Super shopper -1st generation -10%, 2nd generation- 5%

Premium shopper - 1st generation -10%, 2nd generation- 5%, 3rd generation- 5%


  Awards and Promos: This includes Free international Trips, Car Awards and other incentives. 

 Free Ecommerce access: ( Executive shopper above)  you get access to sell your products and services via the BCM ecommerce store at no extra Cost.

Retail Oder: 4% payment from all purchases to the 12th generation.


RANKING : Calculated by points accumulated. Points should be on left and right.



SILVER  2500pv. Laptop/phone/ home  appliances

GOLD 5000pv.  Inverter/TV/tab/equivalent appliances

PLATINUM 50,000pv.  Car (3.5m) 120,000 free product voucher

Outfit, Complete makeover + Hotel Accommodation for Awardee

GOLD DIRECTOR 100,000pv Promo SUV (6m) 250,000 monthly salary 250,000 free product voucher

Outfit, Complete makeover + Hotel Accommodation for Awardee

PLATINUM DIRECTOR 250,000pv Housing fund (5m)

250,000 monthly salary 550,000 free product voucher

Outfit, Complete makeover + Hotel Accommodation for Awardee


ELITE DIRECTOR 500,000pv 10million Car +700,000 free voucher Outfit, Complete makeover + Hotel Accommodation for Awardee

0.05% yearly profit sharing