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VIP membership now open

By: Admin

Dear Shoppers,

VIP club membership is Now open to super shoppers and above.

Anyone on the Executive package and above can purchase a VIP package at $250 only.
The VIP package comes with a free Product Pack and put you at a greater advantage over non VIP members.

Benefits include but not limited to;

1. 5% discount on all purchases in the 1st year of joining  the  VIP club.

2. Special consideration and less requirements for qualification promos.

3. 3% monthly Global profit share for VIP club members on Elite Shopper package and above. 

4. VIP members are allowed to accumulate points from all stores including discount stores for promo qualification.

Kindly ask for clarification where needed  by sending an email to [email protected]


BCM is not responsible for the misinterpretation or misinformation of this article  by Promoters.