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VIP Update

By: Admin

Dear shoppers,

Please note that in an effort to reconcile VIP club membership for super shoppers the company have had to over time make several  decisions just to ensure shoppers are not aggrieved.

The decision to allow shoppers buy investment packages to clear this out has also seemed not effective as responses has been relatively very poor.

To this end a final decision has been taking to award product packs totaling 100,000 naira to all affected.

This will close out all transactions on VIP membership .

So everyone who had opted out of VIP club membership recently will be given products and this will in turn terminate their membership.

Those who have paid in 120,000 for blue packet investment will be refunded cash in full and also be given the products as stated.

Kindly note that this terminates any investment package option in this regard.

However, members already on the Purple packet investment are exempted.

We do hope that shoppers recognize our good intentions and keep working with the company in good faith.


Kind Regards,