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Discount Store Promo

By: Admin

Dear Esteemed Shopper,

Living up to our promises of a better system in 2021, we gladly present a discount store with more Value. Giving you the choice to get value on all of our stores.

members can now choose to accumulate promo points from their discount store sales.

Our Cash Promo and Car promo for the year is still on, do well to make use of the increased points and price slash on discount store items to qualify. 

Caveat: Except otherwise mentioned, shoppers can only choose to qualify using either the Discount store or Repurchase & paid store combined.

Best of Lucks!

Kindly note that the Store Review is on Promo bases and prices may be reversed at end of promo period.


BCM is not liable for wrong interpretation of this Promo!

Promo Open while slots are available