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Update 2021


Dear Shoppers,


BCM company has thought it wise to encourage more teamwork and individual effort by improving our compensation plan thereby positioning our loyal shoppers  at an advantage as the Global financial world keeps experiencing a downtime. To this end, the following are being added to the reward system ;


1. Removal of VAT from cash withdrawal: Cash withdrawal will no longer attract VAT charge of 7.5%. Those who wish to withdraw will only be required to pay a surcharge of 2.5% as bank service Charge as against the 10% currently being charged.


2. Conversion of Cash to Voucher: Shoppers would be enabled to convert cash earnings to voucher for purchases.


3. Car Award: Car Funds will now be awarded only on qualification for yearly Car fund promo. shoppers on all packages can participate, regardless of ranks.


 As a waiver Shoppers who are already close to statutory car and  can qualify before one year period from January 2021 can still get the car even without accumulating required promo points. 




4. Blue Packet Investment:  You can now earn up to 12% ROI monthly without referral by buying the Blue Packet Investment and up to 10% bonus when your referral invests.              -More Update Soon-


5. Honarary Awards:  Shoppers who can attain ranks within 18 months, 38 months, etc are entitled to special cash and incentive awards.




6. Stockist/B2C Discount: Stockist and B2C to get promo codes, discounts and incentives when they purchase higher volumes.


All Changes are expected to be fully effective on or before  January 15,2020.






7. Leaders Group Performance Bonus (LGPB): This bonus is a revised/ upgraded version of the Present Leadership Bonus. However this bonus will be accessible to more shoppers and also contains more earnings . Here leaders from Executive Shoppers and above earn on monthly purchase volumes of their weak leg to infinity.  4% from repurchase volume and 20% from registrations is set aside as Group Performance Bonus to be shared according to rank. 


Gold Rank- 4% of total accumulated GPB 


Platinum Rank- 5% of total accumulated GPB 


Gold Director- 7% of total accumulated GPB


Platinum Director and above 10% of total accumulated GPB


Kindly Note that maximum Monthly earnings for this bonus is capped according to current package and uncapped for VIP shoppers above Platinum Director Ranks only.




Maximum Monthly cap on GPB;


Executive Shopper: $500


Super Shopper: $1000


PremiumShopper: $2500


Diamond Shopper: $ 3000


VIP Shopper: $5000


8. Country Manager/ Rep:


Country manager and Rep have a percentage share in country of interest.


Country manager must be resident in the country while the country rep is the first existing BCM shopper to build a strong team in the country of interest.


Being the first to recruit in country does not necessarily mean you are the first to establish that country.


To be eligible your team must have atleast a state stockist (subject to review), must have actively run the country team for atleast 3 consecutive months.


In most cases the highest stockist for that country (minimum of State stockist) during the trial period of 3-6 months automatically becomes the Country Manager.


(Details available on request)




Existing VIP members below  can migrate to Blue packet package. The existing VIP is expected to pay the difference between the 100,000 VIP mebership fee paid and get full benefits of the investment package Chosen.


One year for the VIP starts counting from the date of migration.




Subsequently existing VIP benefits are suspended. 


VAT will be statutorily be added to product price so that VAT is no longer charged on withdrawals but on product purchase.


As a result of this  there will be slight  increase in product price resulting from added VAT, prevailing economic situations and production cost. However, PVs will be increased to enable shoppers meet targets and this will also result in an increase in repurchase bonuses.


Once again we hope that this will be a better financial year for you as we keep looking forward to an improved business relationship with you.

Important information!!!