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BIZCONNECT MEDIA is a multifunctional company involved in production, ecommerce, direct marketing system , development and training.

We are a group of companies combined in production of health products, households, beauty/cosmetics,  fragrances, dental needs, sanitary needs, lundary products, fashion and accessories.


Each production sector have been in existence in China for a minimum of 25 years with a minimum of 150 staff each.

Our health sector has a minimum of 10% of her staff as certified medical doctors.

All our health products are certified by appropriate bodies, FDA, ISO and NAFDAC Inclusive.

We are a company dedicated to improving standard of living through direct marketing /Multi level Marketing. 

Our charity arm is set aside to assist the less priviledged as well as support our active members in pursuit of career and academic advancement.

Our e-commerce store is made available to all registered members to sell, advertise and buy products and services at no extra Cost but to remain active members of the platform.


Our Focus is on;

1. Building a strong and sustainable  brand .

2. Empowering multitudes to succeed through professional trainings and skill development. 

3. Being actively involved in career development and advancement. 

4. Rendering best acceptable services to our clients and business partners.



We are set to build a formidable team of business oriented professionals while also building top product brands. 


Our core values 

1. Integrity in words

2. Integrity in deeds

3. Integrity in actions.